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Wrongful Death

Let us help you to move forward after a loved one’s wrongful death.




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Be aware of the Statute of Limitations when you seek accountability.

After the untimely death of a loved one, there may be a lot of questions you want answers to. While it is important to take time to grieve, any suspicions of medical malpractice or negligence need to be acted on fairly quickly.

Your timeline varies on your state. In Rhode Island, a claim must be brought within 3 years of death. In Connecticut, a claim must be brought within 2 years of the death. Some state and municipal notice periods must also be taken into consideration, depending on the case.

It is vital that you seek the aid of a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you are able. Waiting too long to discuss your options may mean you are never able to get the answers and closure that you deserve.

You deserve justice in the event of a preventable tragedy.

Our firm is dedicated to helping you and your family find answers, as well as financial compensation. While money cannot bring your loved one back, it can make up for the lost income and support that your family depended on, and serves as the only remedy that the courts can offer.

Even if you do not feel comfortable accepting money as compensation, it is important to prosecute medical malpractice cases to help prevent future tragedies for other families.

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